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Wind and Tree Damage

Wind can easily remove shingles or siding from a home, but it can also damage the property. Siding can be torn from the nail hem while remaining engaged with the siding panels above and below, preventing the siding from ever being anchored to the house wall again. Shingles can come loose and flap in the wind, creating a fatigued crease that can never be sealed back down again. The creased shingle will eventually tear off in a subsequent storm.

Wind can also cause damage by what gets blown into the home, such as tree limbs, trash cans, and other windborne debris. This can cause dented aluminum siding, broken vinyl siding, or tree limbs to spear through the roof shingles. According to NOAA, damage from severe thunderstorms account for half of all severe reports and is more common than damage from tornadoes. There are about 100,000 thunderstorms each year in the US alone, and about 10% of these reach severe levels.

Residential Siding Storm Damage
Wall Example
Damage Ceiling
Damaged Roof
Wind Damage on the Roof
Before Patch on the Wall
Damage Rooftop
Damage Rooftop
A Man Showing Damage Part
Roof Damage
Outer Wall Damage
Wind Damage