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Gutter systems prevent water damage by carrying rainwater away from your home’s foundation. While they mainly protect the structure of houses, they can also be a feature that blends in or stands out from the overall exterior design of your home.

At North Star Contracting, we bring your vision to life. We utilize high-quality gutter materials and solutions in Virginia to ensure projects are done right the first time. Browse our website to learn about our gutter services in Herndon, VA, and surrounding areas.

Understanding Gutter Systems


Gutters are made of painted aluminum, copper, galvanized and galvalume steel, or vinyl. They come in K-style and half-round designs.


The most common type, the K-style aluminum gutter, is typically 5” wide with 2” x 3” downspouts. Most gutters’ lifespan ranges between 20 and 50 years. But exposure to hail and other debris can deteriorate their performance and lead to water damage.

Common Gutter Problems


The slight angle of gutter systems allows efficient water drainage and prevents retention. But the open-trough design causes debris build-up, leading to ice damming.


When water isn’t drained correctly, it can freeze inside the gutter during the winter and leak. Eventually, the wood along the fascia and the exposed edges of the roof plywood will rot. Ice damming creates a large gap between the gutter and the fascia board, making the structure sag and fall off.

The Perfect Solution to Ice Damming

Gutter guards in Virginia do a great job at keeping debris out and preventing damming. There are many options on the market, and we can provide recommendations based on your circumstances so you can make an informed decision. Talk to us to learn about the pros and cons of different gutter guards.