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North Star Contracting Storm Damage Information

The largest event that causes damage is the thunderstorm. These storms create significant winds and are capable of producing large, damaging hail. Simply turn on the news during the next thunderstorm, and you will hear the warnings and their concern for damage. These same storms can produce a phenomenon called microbursts that are short-lived bursts of energy that cause damage similar to a tornado.

Verisk studies these events and provides research to insurance companies. The US experiences an average of 4,500-5,500 hailstorms per year with an average of $14.2 billion in damages. Verisk states: “…potentially hidden damage may begin with looking at the most recent hail activity and where it occurred.” They go on to say: “…some storms pass over densely populated areas and set the stage for future claims when the impact of those events finally emerges.” Verisk estimates that 200,000-300,000 Virginia homes are affected by one or more damaging hail events in one year. NOAA states: “Thunderstorms are most likely in the spring and summer months and during the afternoon and evening hours, but they can occur year-round and at all hours.”

The roof is the most susceptible part of the home to damage from these storms. Aluminum siding, gutters, and other exterior materials are also easily damaged by these storms. Hail and wind damage can go unnoticed for months or even years. The age and wear to the roof shingles can make the roof more susceptible to damage from these storms as well and more prone to leaks.

A storm damage restoration specialist is best equipped to handle these repairs and work with your insurance company to best assess the proper and professional scope of work.

  1. Understanding this process and how to work with your insurance company to determine the proper scope of work ensures all damage is professionally repaired. Not understanding this can, and has, caused homeowners thousands of dollars in unrealized and necessary repairs.
  1. North Star Contracting is an expert in understanding this process. We use the same software your insurance company uses when determining the line-item-based scope of work. We have gone through the same training for determining what damage is and how/why it can occur.
  1. Knowing this complete process, how to navigate it, dispute the understanding of damage and how repairs might affect the surrounding materials, will mean the difference of potentially tens or thousands of dollars in additional repairs.

  1. We understand the terminology of “like kind and quality” and how to show these differences, which can spell the difference between a repair and a complete replacement.
  1. Sometimes, repairs are all an insurance company will initially write their estimate for until it can be proven if a repair can be done without causing damage to the surrounding materials. We understand this and can demonstrate this when necessary to professionally replace your complete roofing and siding.
  1. North Star Contracting understands the insurance restoration process, the methods insurance companies use to identify the appropriate price for the necessary repairs, and how these affect the outcome of your claim. This may mean a difference of thousands of dollars.
  2. Contractors that operate on a retail basis only do not have the knowledge of how to work with insurance companies or how to provide the detailed line-item scope of work an insurance company would need to adjust their price if necessary when the initial price for the repairs is too low to complete the work. Insurance companies will not overpay claims, and everything must be itemized and reasons provided for any changes in the insurance company’s scope of work.