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Siding FAQ

Is Vinyl Siding the Best Choice?

Vinyl siding provides many design options and colors. It is nearly maintenance-free, except for the occasional cleaning; it is the same as other building materials. It offers lifetime protection against rot, decay, fading, and warping. It will never dent and is very durable and difficult to damage. There is no doubt it is the best choice for re-siding your home, your biggest investment.

How Does Vinyl Compare to Other Materials?

Vinyl is most preferred based on maintenance costs, durability, appearance, and resistance to damage.

  • Fiber Cement Siding – Designed to mimic wood, fiber cement has a premium initial cost, which can vary. The color is warrantied against flaking and peeling but can still fade. Over time, this will need to be painted. Adding insulation behind the siding is not recommended, making it difficult to add energy efficiency to the exterior walls.
  • Metal Siding – Metal siding has mostly disappeared and is no longer readily available. It provides less maintenance than wood but is very susceptible to scratching and denting. As the siding ages, it gives a tired look to the home, and painting it may become preferred to update the appearance of the home.

  • Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding is designed to give the appearance of wood and comes in a wide range of quality levels and colors. Vinyl never requires painting, allowing the look to remain. The siding color comes through the entire panel, front to back, and has titanium dioxide that prevents fading, providing long-lasting lifetime color.

Can I Improve the Insulation of My Home?

Yes, and we always encourage it. Adding insulation to your new vinyl siding will help smooth out the exterior wall imperfections, allowing the siding to lay as flat as possible. It will provide soundproofing, air infiltration protection, and a moisture barrier. When selecting high-performance insulation, you get a foil-backed radiant barrier, which helps retain heat in the wintertime and keeps the heat out during the summertime.

How Long Will Vinyl Siding Last?

Vinyl siding is made of state-of-the-art polymers and will last a lifetime. Premium vinyl siding comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and will transfer to the next homeowner as a 50-year warranty.

Who Should I Use to Install My Siding?

Anyone can claim to be an expert at installing siding. One way to ensure you get the best installation for the best product is to use a VSI-certified installer. VSI, referring to the Vinyl Siding Institute, sets standards of excellence and requires ongoing continued education for the ever-changing world of vinyl siding.